Brighten Your Day With Our WFH Feel-Good Playlist

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When you're working from home, it can be hard to focus on the important things. Not that the last season of your new binge-worthy sitcom, box of cookies, or that long awaited bubble bath isn't important for your self care... we have things we must check off our lists.

Don't worry, you’re not the only one wearing comfy sweatpants paired with a put-together blouse in all your zoom meetings this week… Although the weekdays may seem to be merging lately, we've also merged together some feel good songs to get you up out of that office chair dancing in your Sea Stars and smiling ear to ear.

When you hear certain songs, you might think to yourself, "I've got this." You're filled with motivation and inspiration to simply get things done. The days of crawling back under the sheets in the morning with your furry family members or SO are long gone... You'll be completing all your to do tasks from the day (or week before, we aren't judging) in no time. 

Whats the best part of all this? The energy is from a variation of artists, mainstream and some up and coming. From upbeat indie, dance-worthy techno, sing-along pop, and a sprinkle of cultural jazz...there's enough for everyone. Let the productivity play!

WFH Playlist:

  1. El Nino - DjeuhDjoah, Lieutenant Nicholson
  2. Afeto - Mayra Andrade
  3. Don’t Start Now - Dua Lipa
  4. Come Around Me - Justin Bieber
  5. How I Feel - Martin Ikin Hayley May
  6. For Your Love - Mark Funk, MAKITO
  7. Aura - SG Lewis, J Warner
  8. Only You (feat. Tame Impala) - Theophilus London
  9. Make You Love Me - Jarred Vandal, Zak Abel
  10. everything i wanted - Billie Eilish
  11. Just Fine - Mary J. Blige
  12. Sunshine - Matisyahu
  13. Intentions - Justin Bieber, Quavo 
  14. Love stained - Hope Tala
  15. La Di Da - Lennon Stella
  16. feel something - Bea Miller
  17. Magic in the Hamptons - Social House, Lil Yachty
  18. Navajo - Masego
  19. Epoch - Tycho
  20. It’s Alright - Motel 7
  21. Fortress - Lennon Stella
  22. Canopee - Polo &  Pan
  23. Summer Fade - Channel Tres Remix - Snakehips
  24. Hopes Up - DRAMA
  25. Escape - Ouri
  26. Lost in Paris - Tom Misch, GoldLink
  27. 3 Nights - Dominic Fike
  28. Kissing Other People - Lennon Stella
  29. Wait a Minute! - WILLOW
  30. Hope - The Chainsmokers

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  • What an amazing plays list not only were all the songs amazing the summary of it was on point!!! Thank you Dana Jones

    Santiago Sánchez on

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