Libby Fitzgerald, founder & ceo

A Letter From the Founder

Sea Star Beachwear began with an idea that changed the game for beach lovers everywhere.

In the summer of 2015, I was vacationing with my family on a coral-strewn beach in the Caribbean. I was wearing flimsy, unattractive water shoes, and my teenage boys were quick to call me out! The shoes were quickly packed away once we’d had our fun in the sun.

The trip got me thinking: Did attractive and well made water shoes even exist? An exhaustive search came up empty, and I saw an opportunity for a water shoe that combined fashion and function equally. Instead of beach shoes you can’t wait to take off, I wanted to create the ultimate water shoe–a classic pair perfect for ocean swimming, rocky beaches, and rainy city pavement for the whole family to love.

Sea Star's shoes blend practicality and versatility with timeless style. We’ve reimagined traditional designs for living in and out of water with breathable, quick-drying neoprene uppers and protective rubber soles. Our goal is to help you embrace your wanderlust lifestyle by providing comfortable, resilient, and protective gear that takes you wherever adventure calls.

While our line was originally designed for beach lovers and boaters, our buyers have found that our shoes and bags are ideal for travel and everyday adventures, too—running errands on rainy days, morning walks in wet grass and summers spent at water parks and pools. Try for yourself and you’ll find that Sea Stars are much more than a water shoe!

Get. Your. Feet. Wet!

– Libby Fitzgerald

Clever styles designed
for every adventure.

"The best espadrille ever made."

- Forbes

the reviews are in!


"Everyone who sees them wants them! Finally a shoe I can wear on the beach, by the pool, to lunch & to dinner!"

- Linda R.


"Great fit, comfortable, and the best water shoe ever. They are perfect for all occassions "

-Melissa T.


" The only shoe I need to pack. I have so much extra space in my suitcase!"

-Sam F.