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Happy Memorial Day Weekend From

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Starting summer on Memorial Day Weekend will be different this year, but that doesn't mean we can't still celebrate and honor the men and women who sacrificed their lives for our freedom.

Cookouts and fireworks with everyone we love are always something we look forward to as spring becomes summer.  If you're having some trouble finding fun from home, worry no more. We've put together a list of fun activities for the long weekend that you can do from the comfort of your home with your family.

With only a little planning, family members of all ages are guaranteed to have a blast while celebrating our country this weekend with these creative ideas!


1. Backyard BBQ 

Firing up the grill is an American tradition for the gathering loved ones and celebrating our universal love of delicious grilled food. If you've got a grill and some hotdogs or hamburgers you're sure to be a hit. Or switch it up, and try something new this year with a hands-on crawfish bake, or get cozy with a nighttime s'mores campfire. 

2. Backyard Campsite

This one does take a bit more planning, but is a great alternative to a wilderness camping experience in the safety of your backyard. If you don't  have a tent, you can use a simple sheet and poles to create one. Hanging fairy lights (or Christmas lights) add a festive element to your campsite too! 

3. D-I-Y Drive-In

Who doesn't love a good movie under the stars? All you need is a sheet, a projector and chairs and you've got your very own DIY home movie theater. Cozy it up even more with an air mattress and some pillows and enjoy your family's favorite flick under the night sky.

4. Write a Letter to the "A Million Thanks" Project

Teach your little ones the meaning of Memorial Day by helping them write letter or  make a drawing for an active soldier or veteran. A Million Thanks has been supporting our troops since 2004 with fundraising, and hand written letters. Once you're finished, deposit it at one of their many safe drop-off locations. You never know who's day you might make.

5. Memorial Day Concert

If you're having a hard time deciding on what movie to watch in your DIY theater, try a live Memorial Day concert instead! Every year PBS hosts their annual Memorial Day Concert the Sunday before Memorial day. This year it airs at 8 pm EST and features guests like Trace Adkins, the National Symphony Orchestra, and many more. Kick back and sing along, or jump up and dance all night long, this show will be a guaranteed party-starter.

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