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Ten Delicious Moscow Mule Recipes to Try This Weekend

Womens Water Espadrille in White Denim

Life in quarantine, the new normal. Some of us are spending half of our WFH office hours chasing little ones around the house, while some of us may be enjoying some solitude and reflection during these unpredictable times. Whatever it is, we’ve come to realize its all about making the little moments special and making the most of our time spent in isolation. For some, its digging up old board games and photo albums from a simpler time, or maybe finally starting that home improvement project you’ve been putting off.

Despite the uncertainty of whats to come, we have become our brightest selves in the darkest of times. Cheering in harmony with our fellow neighbors on our balconies for the first responders every evening, it takes a crisis to remember we all depend on each other as a community and as a humanity. While some people are losing their loved ones, we must remember lives are also being saved and miracles are being performed.

Forgotten books are being dusted off. Inventions are being imagined. Recipes are being made. Music is being composed. Theres no choice but to continue creating and making the most of our solitude, theres not a more human or beautiful way to survive.

Womens Water Espadrille in Blue Suzani

That being said, if you’re having a hard time finding a new hobby to pass the time, or just want to create some fun cocktails for your Zoom happy hour… we’ve got you covered! If you’re a Moscow mule fan, want something new or just love drinking out of adorable glassware, here are ten delicious recipes to try:

Mint Strawberry - My Food Story

Blackberry Basil - Host the Toast

Watermelon Mint - Zen and Spice

Georgia Peach - Waiting on Martha

Blueberry Cucumber - Gastronomblog

Orange - Lemon Treed Welling

Cranberry - Basil and Bubbly

Jalepeno - The Lemon Bowl

Raspberry - Giraffes Can Bake

Apple Cider - Hot Beauty Health 

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