Time for a Closet Refresh? Make It Sustainable with Retold Recycling!

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We all have that one bag of clothes we keep saying we'll get around to donating, just... not today. Great news for your closet: Our new partnership with Retold Recycling takes the hassle out of the equation, making it easier than ever to give your old faves a new lease on life.

It's no secret that fashion is far from a planet-friendly industry. The stats speak for themselves: According to EarthDay.org, about 40 million tons of new clothing are either incinerated or dumped in landfills every year. Yes, you read that correctly—that's 87 billion items of unsold, unworn clothing going straight into the trash.

But that doesn't mean you have to give up shopping entirely. Instead, you can choose to be a conscious shopper: buy what you need, when you need it, and support makers who prioritize ethical sourcing and labor conditions.

Even after you buy, there are more ways than ever before to skip the trash can and give the clothes, shoes, and bags you've loved a second shot. Our new partnership with Retold Recycling reduces textile waste and repurposes goods you're ready to part ways with, making it simple to be part of the movement to honor every purchase through its whole life cycle. 

About Retold Recycling


Retold Recycling is diverting textiles from the landfill. Find out how you can pitch in!

Retold is on a mission to make it as easy as possible to avoid contributing to landfills, processing even the most challenging materials for recycling, reuse, or repurposing. We've just added Retold's Recycle bags (singles and 3-packs) to our shop so that you can peacefully part ways with any textile-based item you're ready to let go of, from wedding dresses to old bras and socks—and, yes, even your old Sea Stars!


Retold's Recycling Guarantee

Before launching this partnership, we worked closely with Retold to locate a recycler that can process the unique materials that make our shoes water-friendly. The $14.50 bag cost includes not only pre-paid postage for shipping your filled bag, but also covers the fees and labor that make this highly specialized recycling process possible. We're proud that every single pair of Sea Stars received by Retold will be recycled, guaranteeing that they'll avoid contributing to the global landfill crisis and ensuring that their materials will live on in new ways. 

How It Works

Each Retold Recycle bag holds up to 5 pounds of textiles, so once your Sea Stars are packed up, you can add in anything from tablecloths, bedding, and towels to shirts, dresses, and pants. Just be sure to give it all a good wash first! Print out your pre-paid postage, attach to your bag, and schedule a pickup or drop it off at your local post office. Doing right by the planet couldn't be simpler!

Once it's received by Retold, your Sea Stars will be sent to our designated recycler, and any other items in your bag will be sorted by quality for distribution to thrift stores, donation centers, recyclers, resellers, and up-cyclers. And your care will be rewarded: Every Retold Bag purchased in our shop automatically adds points to your Super Star Rewards account!

Since its launch, Retold has already diverted over 93 tons of material from landfills. So next time you shop Sea Star, add a Retold bag (or a few!) to your order and clear the way for new, beautiful things.


    Do you have your own favorite way to help support a greener, more sustainable planet? We'd love to hear! Tag us on Instagram @seastarbeachwear and share your favorite tips for being an eco-minded citizen. Or if you've loaded up your first Retold bag, snap a pic and send to us!

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