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Ever feel like your closet isn't living up to its full potential? Give gently-used or new shoes taking up space in your wardrobe the chance to make a real difference—and get rewarded for your generosity! Our partnership with Soles4Souls supports people in need as they walk the road to financial independence.

Let your old shoes go the extra mile for a good cause%u2014send them to Soles4Souls.


We've been a proud partner of Soles4Souls since 2021, and we believe in their mission to turn unwanted shoes and clothing into opportunity for people who need it the most. We are now participating in their 4Opportunity program, providing needed resources to community-based nonprofits in developing countries that help people start and grow their own businesses.

When you donate your gently-used or unworn shoes (including Sea Stars!), they'll empower economically vulnerable individuals to launch and sustain businesses. Not only does this provide stable work and independence for those in need, it enriches their local economies and builds deeper community connections.

Since 2006, this program has created thousands of jobs in 53 countries across 5 continents, with 4Opportunity participants gaining security and invaluable skills that will last a lifetime. In 2022, participating entrepreneurs increased their household income by 233%, and 92% either purchased a home or saved toward homeownership through selling shoes.



Soles4Souls is a great way to donate pre-loved Sea Stars and other shoes. Here's how to make your first donation:


Soles4Souls connects your unused wardrobe items to people who need them the most, addressing both crisis moments and long-term inequality:

  • They provide domestic and international relief for those experiencing hardships ranging from natural disasters to wartime displacement to housing instability.
  • They create jobs for textile workers, empowering people in need to break the cycle of poverty.
  • They work directly with local organizations to build sustainable changes from the ground up.
In 2022 alone, Soles4Souls up-cycled over 8 million pounds of clothing and shoes and matched them with economically vulnerable populations in all 50 states and 34 countries—including refugees from Ukraine—all while reducing the burden on global landfills. 




SUPPORTING THE PLANET:  Soles4Souls has collected over 83 million pairs of shoes, helping countless people in need launch clothing resale businesses while diverting 81 million pounds of textiles from landfills.

SUPPORTING WOMEN: Sea Star Beachwear is proudly owned, led, and operated by women. We're thrilled to join Soles4Souls in helping budding entrepreneurs, including women business owners, gain financial security, stability, and independence. By donating usable products instead of throwing them away, we're taking small steps toward a brighter tomorrow.

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