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Resolutions to launch your New Year:

1. Wear your Sea Star Beachcomber Espadrilles on the street, the beach, in the sun or rain. They protect your feet from rocky beaches, hot sand and slippery sidewalks! The water-friendly neoprene will keep you comfortable and cool, ensuring that your feet feel and look great!

2. Apply sunscreen every day. Even when raining outside, the sun can still cause irreversible damage to your skin.

3. Eat well, exercise, but don’t feel guilty when you want that cookie or need to take a break from the gym. Listen to your body!

4. On that note, go out of your comfort zone. Try new foods and new workouts that will strengthen otherwise dormant muscles.

5. Initiate a good bedtime routine! Develop a skin care regimen that you stick to every night, aim to get to bed early (if possible), and put your phone away half an hour before sleep so the bright screen doesn’t bother you,

6. Drink less alcohol. You’ll feel better in the morning and your skin and stomach will thank you.

7. Change your attitude when presenting yourself in emails. Being more straightforward with what you want and what you’re doing is life-changing. Turn that question into a statement (politely of course!).

8. Make sure to read a book a month, allowing some time before bed each night to turn off your phone and read--even if it’s only two pages before you conk out.

9. Embrace those good fats! Peanut butter, avocado, hummus—if it tastes good that doesn’t mean it’s automatically bad for you and they’ll fill you up faster. Just please don't buy any products with too many additives. 

10. Invest in your mental health. Download a meditating app, go to yoga, or book a therapy session. Your physical self will thank you if your mental self is feeling content. 


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