10 Packing tips for Resort Season!

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  1. Remember your Sea Stars! The Beachcomber Espadrille is traditional in design, yet modern in function! Its neoprene fabric is stylish, breathable and quick-drying, perfect for the resort or urban lifestyle. Your Sea Stars are the ultimate shoe for a tropical getaway—perfect for ocean swimming, strolling shell-strewn beaches, boat decks or hot city pavement. They are the only shoes you need to pack! 
  2. How many black suitcases are there at baggage claim? Treat yourself to luggage that pops with color, so you know right away when it’s coming down the conveyer belt and you can be sure no one will mistake your bag for their own.
  3. Love tanning? Well the sun can still cause unseen damage, especially on a small shade-less Caribbean island. No matter your skin tone, always put at least a little on before you hit the beach.
  4. Bring books! You never know when you’ll be stuck in an airport with spotty Wifi. And they don’t have to be literary ones either. Pick books you know you’ll enjoy, not ones you think you should.
  5. Bring an extra bag for dirty clothes! Even if it’s just a grocery bag, it’ll be easier to decipher what needs to be thrown in the washing machine when you get back home.
  6. Check the weather and plan accordingly! This is vital—you don’t want to be stuck in a thunderstorm without an umbrella or high heat without a cool cotton outfit.
  7. Label, label, label! If you’re prone to packing your entire bathroom, make sure you’re putting your toiletries and makeup in different, labeled, Ziploc bags, to make things easier to find!
  8. This isn’t exactly a packing tip, but it’s important nonetheless! Schedule me-time even on a family vacation, if you can. During a day jam packed with activities, let yourself have an hour to read or nap. That way your can revive yourself for the next outing—and won’t want to kill your spouse/kids/or friends. Better yet—plan a little activity you can do alone, even if it’s just a walk down a beach.
  9. Travel with knits and other fabrics that don’t wrinkle for those long, arduous plane rides that can wreak havoc on your dry-clean only clothes.
  10. Dress nicely for the airport! It’ll make you feel better and more confident in a new place after a long a plane ride, even if the only people seeing you are flight attendants. That doesn’t mean you have to be in your Sunday best, but wearing a nice pair of jeans upon arrival to your destination can make you feel even more prepared to have the best time on your vacation.             


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