Let's Hit the Beach!

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Put your hands up if you're ready for a beach vacation! Before you go and hit the sand, we're here to help and give you our top 5 vacation tips!

  1. Stay protected! Bring Sunscreen. Lots and lots of sunscreen. No matter how tan you get, you should always lather up with at least 30 SPF to keep those rays in check.
  2. Insulated Water Bottle. Instead of spending extra money on water bottles that will eventually get warm from the sun, bring a reusable insulated water bottle so you can bring ice cold water wherever you go (the earth will also be thankful for this!).
  3. Sunglasses. Never. Forget. Sunglasses. No matter what, you don’t want to get caught outside, blinded by those rays.
  4. A sweater or light long sleeve shirt. Even if you’re going somewhere that’s warm all the time, always bring something warm just in case. Places by the beach can get chilly from the ocean, and you don’t want to get stuck shivering while you’re out at dinner.
  5. Lastly, and most importantly, your Sea Stars! Bringing your Sea Stars will prevent you from having to pack twice the amount of shoes as the neoprene fabric is stylish, breathable, quick-drying, and can be worn anywhere. The non-marking, non-skid deck shoe sole makes a safe jump from beach to boat, and the timeless collection features solids and prints for the resort or urban lifestyle. It’s the perfect shoe for ocean swimming, strolling shell-strewn beaches, slippery boat decks or hot city pavement!

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