Spring Break Must Haves!

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Sea Stars
Remember your Sea Stars! Sea Stars are the ultimate shoe for your spring break—perfect for ocean swimming, protecting your feet from shells and coral, lounging by the pool, or strolling on boat decks. They are the only shoes you need—in more than one color.

Sunscreen/Après Sun
Protect your skin! Even if you tan easily, you definitely want to avoid premature aging or a painful burn. In case you do get a bit red, be sure to pack an après sun product, like aloe, to lessen the damage, not to mention the pain.

Hydrate! Especially after hours in the sun and a couple of margaritas.

A Chill Group of Friends 
Part of a perfect spring break is trying out new restaurants and clubs. Tensions can arise if not everyone agrees on a nightly location, so make sure your squad is big enough that if two of you want to chill at a bar, you can split into two groups and still all have fun.

Take in Some Sites
When you can't take one more ray of sun or another mojito, explore your surroundings. It can be easy to just lie on the beach all week, but remember, even places like Cancun aren't just sand and water. 

Beach Hat
Shield yourself from sun rays with a stylish hat. You’ll be the trendsetter of the beach and protect your skin.

Portable Charger
This is a must for a day at the beach or a night out, especially if you’re unfamiliar with your vacation spot. That way, you can ‘gram on the sand and also navigate your way home after a night out without fear of your phone dying.

When the partying, fun, and sun has taken its toll, steal some alone time and read. You know you’ll be lying down for hours anyway, so pick up a good thriller to flip through while you tan.

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