The Fisherman's Tote: Effortless Chic That Stands the Test of Time

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What Is the Fisherman's Tote?

A lightweight and durable neoprene tote created for travel and all sorts of adventures.  Flat when empty, flirty when filled. Big enough for all of your sunkissed and sandy treasures, it makes carrying everything to the beach a breeze! 

The Origin: 

First designed for both fisherman and their produce, the net bag was solely made for functional purposes with holes to drain water, and a simple design with inexpensive materials such as boating rope and canvas. The bags were known to have unique usage in each country and names from "filt" to "avoska" towards the end of the 19th century.  

Our Creation:

Inspired by classic net bags, but reinvented by laser cut neoprene and shaped to lie flat for packing and stand tall when filled. The perfect pairing to our Beachcomber Espadrilles and Voyager Pouches to create a chic beach look. 

So, what to fill it with? 

To hold your tiny necessities: Sea Star Beachwear Large and Small Voyager Pouch.  Hair ties and bikinis have a haven. The pouches will keep things dry and organized. 

To keep you dry: A fun towel! Up the game on your typical towel that will make beach photos even more colorful.  From hearts to pom poms, spice up the way you dry off. 

To protect your skin: Brush-on sunscreen! Don't let harsh rays impact your beach day.  Found in boutiques all over, this sunscreen can be found in what looks like makeup brushes with detachable powders to put all over your face in the brightest of sun. 

To give you perfect beachy waves: Salt-infused Hair & Body Mist. A few sprits of this and you will feel the salt and waves soaking in and stresses flying away.    

Head to the beach, you're all set! 

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