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This Giving Tuesday, join us in committing to small actions that make a difference.

Earlier this year, we launched our Resort 2023 Coastal Coral Collection as a way to honor the natural treasures of the world's deep sea ecosystems. We're proud to announce that we've teamed up with the Coral Reef Alliance (CORAL) to turn our inspiration into action.

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Now through March 1, 2023, we are thrilled to donate a portion of profits from sales of shoes and bags in the Coastal Coral Collection to the Coral Reef Alliance, supporting their mission to preserve one of the planet's most vital ecosystems.

Read on to learn more about CORAL's mission, why it's so critical to build reef resiliency, and what you can do to join our efforts to help coral reefs worldwide.

Who is CORAL?

The Coral Reef Alliance is one of the largest global NGOs working to protect coral reefs. For nearly 30 years, CORAL has used cutting-edge science and community engagement—at the local, regional, and global scale—to reduce direct threats to reefs and to promote scalable and effective solutions for their preservation. What began as the passion project of a small band of ocean lovers and diving enthusiasts has become one of the leading research and education forces dedicated to the future of coral reefs.

Why are coral reefs important?

Like rainforests and other high-diversity ecosystems, coral reefs act as essential habitats for an astoundingly vast array of organisms—CORAL estimates that 25% of all marine life rely on reefs, including many species native only to these specific environments.

But it's not just the fish and crustaceans who need these colorful seascapes to survive. CORAL's research shows that up to 500 million people worldwide depend on coral reefs for food, income, and protection from coastal erosion and shoreline degradation. In fact, $375 billion in services are derived from coral reefs every year.

Coral reefs are essential to the survival of not only marine life, but the coastal residents who depend on them for their livelihoods.

Over the past decade, public awareness about the plight of coral reefs and the damaging effects of climate change have surged. Without intervention, it’s predicted that 99% of coral reefs could disappear by the end of the century. But coral reefs are resilient—with swift and concerted global efforts, they may adapt and recover. CORAL's work is rooted in hope, believing it's not too late to change course. 

What can I do to support a bright future for coral reefs?

With a cause this critical, every advocate counts. Here are a few suggestions for how to incorporate conservation-minded strategies into your everyday life.

  • Live sustainably. Per CORAL: "Reducing your carbon footprint is one way to fight the effects of global warming and lessen large-scale threats to reef ecosystems. Take small but powerful steps like switching to compact fluorescent light bulbs, planting native trees, recycling, buying energy-efficient cars, avoiding pesticides, and teleconferencing instead of flying when possible."
  • Travel conscientiously. Taking a beach vacation? Read up on CORAL's tips for how to be a reef-safe traveler.
  • Learn eagerly. Get informed! Host a Chasing Coral screening, start an ocean conservation reading group, or take a deep dive into CORAL's online resources.
  • Advocate earnestly. CORAL recommends that reef appreciators "advocate for high-level policy change. Let your representatives know you care about climate change and vote for measures and candidates that commit to reducing emissions and preserving the environment."
  • Donate generously. Join us in making an impact at
  • Shop mindfully. CORAL advises that "you can make a difference by choosing your products wisely like opting for reef-safe sunscreen and avoiding items like coral jewelry or curios and household goods made from animals that once lived in the ocean. Choose to support businesses that have a strong commitment to protecting the environment, and use your voice (and your dollars) to advocate for more businesses to adopt best practices."
Now through March 1, 2023, a portion of proceeds from the sale of all Coastal Coral Seafarer Slingbacks, Harbourside Mules, Orange and Navy Cabana Slides, and Skipper Pouches will benefit the Coral Reef Alliance.


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