Meet our Resort 2021 Collaborator: Trèfle Designs’ Kristin Frazer!

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To know her is to love her! Meet the brilliant and beautiful Kristin Frazer, who runs the British Virgin Islands-based fashion label Trèfle. We have collaborated with Kristin and her team on our Resort 2021 collection; find out everything you need to know, below!

1. What is your favorite product from the collection, and why? 

It's so hard to choose, but since I must pick one, I would go with the Orange Large Voyager Tote. It's the most vibrant and the biggest item within the collection, but it is also somehow subtle. Plus, a tote bag never goes out of style.

2. Do you have a favorite memory of this collaboration?

The entire process of this collaboration has amounted to some of the most memorable moments of my design career. But, my presentation in late November 2019, when I first pitched the concept to Sea Star, is the most memorable of all. My time spent with the ladies in the office was very strengthening and encouraging. They made our time together very comfortable and engaging. I had a blast!

3. Why is this collaboration important to you?

I've done collaborations in the past, but I've never done a collaboration with an international company that was also eager to highlight and help my nonprofit: the 284Foundation, which I launched in January 2018. It's not about "making money together.” It's about helping elevate other young creatives in the British Virgin Islands. I’m grateful to have such a great team of people, and I am so appreciative of companies like Sea Star that see our vision and jump at the opportunity to assist. If I can do it as an island girl internationally, then I want to make their journey a bit easier so that their story can one day impact others, too.

4. What elements of Tortola inspired the collection's signature’s bold and bright pattern, the “Palm Print”? 

I wanted this print to honor my beloved home. I wanted the print to capture the optimistic, strong spirit of the B.V.I.’s people and the beautiful nature of the islands. 

5. Why should people travel to Tortola? 

Tortola is the largest island within the British Virgin Islands, and with our country allowing a bit more travel at the moment, the number one reason to visit us is simple: "We want you to truly enjoy our home… your paradise." If you come to Tortola, you can experience the B.V.I.’s through a plethora of ways, given how much we have to offer!

6. How have you fed your creativity during COVID? 

Besides sewing hundreds of masks to keep everyone protected with my mom (in the picture below), I'm staying up to date with many panel discussions as it relates to the fashion and retail industry as a whole. The reality of the world has shifted, and in this time of uncertainty, it has made me go into overdrive with finding and implementing new concepts for myself and my brand. We had Hurricane Irma devastate the islands, and now Covid-19, but I am still standing!

7. What’s your favorite place in Tortola? 

My first and forever love will always be the beach! Smuggler's Cove in West End Tortola is the best place in the world. Natural beauty, unspoiled nature, and a calm experience that brings you a never ending joy. 

8. What's next for you? 

I've actually been working on collections that will be coming online in 2021. I'm just as excited if not more excited for what's to come in my new line of activewear, private labelling, consulting, and more! 


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