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So you just got your first pair of Beachcomber Espadrilles. Congrats! The hard part now is deciding where in the world you should go to break them in. To help you out, we’ve put together our list of Top 10 Favorite Sea Star Beaches for your first Beachcomber Espadrille adventure:

10. Legzira Beach, Sidi Ifni, Morocco

Known for being one of the most picturesque beaches in all of Africa, Legzira is a haven for explorers worldwide. Enormous natural stone arches and expansive, secluded shorelines make this one of Sea Star’s favorite, unexpected vacation destinations.

9. Phra Nang Beach, Ao Nang, Thailand

Phra Nang, Thailand is the perfect place to put your Beachcombers to the test. From the glassy, turquoise waters to the natural caves, Phra Nang is the ideal mash-up of tranquility and fun.

8. Lizard Island, Queensland, Australia

Nestled along the Great Barrier Reef, Lizard Island is an island paradise riddled with activities! Whether you’re in the mood for snorkeling, diving, fishing or sun-soaking, you’re always in for a treat.

7. Shipwreck Beach, Zakynthos, Greece

Shipwreck Beach, or Navagio, is an unmatched Greek wonder. Only reachable by boat, this remote paradise is known for its azure waters, limestone cliffs, and authentic shipwreck ruin.

6. Pampelonne Plage, Saint Tropez, France

Chic, sexy, and, best off all, French, Pampelonne Plage is known for its miles upon miles of natural, uninterrupted, dazzling white sands. While you’re walking the beach, you must stop at Club 55 for a chic lunch and a bottle of cold rose.

5. La Fontelina, Capri, Italy

Breathtaking coastal rock formations and crystalline waters characterize La Fontelina Beach. Your Beachcomber Espadrilles will come in handy not only on the gorgeous boat ride in, but will provide much-needed protection while you stroll the rocky shores on your way to their fabulous seaside lunch spot.

4. Forte dei Marmi, Tuscany, Italy

Forte dei Marmi, Italy is the ultimate destination for a tranquil, yet sumptuous, Mediterranean experience.


3. South Beach, Miami, Florida

Vibrant, artsy, and rich with energy, South Beach is the perfect place to hit the beach, the boat, and the town all in one day.

2. Coopers Beach, Southampton, New York

Maybe we’re biased, but we can’t get enough of this Long Island staple! As the birthplace of the revolutionary Beachcomber Espadrille, we can’t help but cherish this serene vacation spot.

1. Pink Sands Beach,  Harbour Island, Bahamas

We know what you’re thinking. No, Pink Sands Beach is not just a fancy name. This stunning stretch of coastline is actually dusted with soft, pink sand like you’ve never seen before, making it our #1 favorite beach vacation destination for your first Sea Star adventure!

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